JVC S-2060X3 Scene Lighting Kit

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Kit includes carry case, three lights, three tripods, three power adapters and three V-mount battery plates.

  • Chip array LED technology
  • No multiple shading
  • Super high CRI =97
  • 30W, 1300 Lux @ 1 metre, dimmable
  • 60° wide beam angle, evenly spread
  • Fresnel lens, amplifies light to 4000 Lux @ 1m
  • Colour temperature 2700K-5600K continuously adjustable
  • 6-17V wide input voltage

The ProHD S-2060X3 is a scene lighting kit with a great price-performance ratio. It features the latest generation of LED technology – chip array LEDs – which integrate the LEDs into a chip with high brightness of up to 4000 lux but in a compact size. This technology offers an equally-spread, soft, non-glaring light, more like a halogen bulb.

The light is supplied as a ‘triple kit’ in a robust case system. This includes three lights, three tripods, as well as three V-mount battery plates to fit each stand, plus three power supplies. The S-2060X3 lighting kit is perfectly suited to filming with your GY-HM850 or GY-HM890, since they also use V-mount batteries.

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