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Product Highlights:

  • Seamless NDI Switching
  • I/O or Crosspoint Control Panel
  • Up to16x Sources input and 32x Sources output simultaneously 
  • Real Display with Multiview and playlist
  • Realtime system status display
  • Role and permission management
  • Turnkey solution, plug and play with high reliability

Introducing the Kiloview CUBE X1 NDI Distribution System, a turnkey solution for NDI multiplexed distribution. This lightweight system is designed for unified scheduling, switching, distribution, and management of all NDI signals, supporting up to 13CH NDI inputs and 26CH NDI outputs. With seamless switching of all NDI sources and support for multiple distribution of NDI data sources, the CUBE X1 is perfect for outdoor live streaming, field broadcast, emergency spots, and more.

Equipped with an LCD touch screen, users can monitor the network status, storage space, and CPU usage in real-time. The CUBE X1 ensures efficient, stable, and secure bonding transmission, with professional-grade antenna design for superior anti-interference. It supports H.265 encoding, dual interface inputs for SDI+HDMI, and is compatible with all NDI signals of any format or device. With customizable control panels, NDI signal round-robin playback, log & permission management, and stable hardware server, the CUBE X1 offers a comprehensive solution for multiplex signal switching in various applications including studios, OB vans, media broadcasting, schools, and enterprises.

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