Kiloview CV180 Broadcast-Grade SDI to HDMI/VGA/AV Video Converter

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Product Highlights:

  • Frame Rate/Resolution Conversion
  • Supports 10-Bit YUV 4:2:2
  • Remote Control

Delivering more than just a basic SDI to HDMI converter, the Kiloview CV180 Broadcast-Grade SDI to HDMI/VGA/AV Video Converter provides you with a host of features in a small package suitable for location or a studio environment. The device auto detects the incoming signal, and handles signal switching based on the DIP switch settings you select. The converter maintains a 10-bit data path for your video signal, which minimizes scaling artifacts. It incorporates one SDI input that supports signals up to 3G-SDI and features a loop-through SDI output, HDMI output for the converted signal, a VGA output for easy connection to a computer as well as a composite out that automatically scales HD signals delivering either NTSC or PAL video.

The included remote control allows you to select which two of the three outputs are active simultaneously, the device default setting it HDMI + CVBS from the factory. The built-in USB type-C connector allows you to use a web-based management. The converter features a locking DC power socket.


  • Built-in SDI clock-recovery circuit and line equalizer allow the converter to recover from signal attenuation and distortion of the SDI signal after long-distance transmission
  • Simultaneous output from any 2 of the three output ports HDMI/VGA/AV (CVBS)
  • HDMI/VGA DDC function supported, allows the converter to self-adaptively output the best mode of HDMI/VGA
  • OSD menu operation interface supported

High-Quality Image Conversion and Enhancement

Supports professional color adjustment
  • 10-bit YUV 4:2:2 conversion
  • 3D-noise reduction
  • Interlace/ progressive video conversion
  • Video scaling up/down conversion
  • Frame-rate conversion

24/7 Continuous up Time

  • Using high-quality capacitors, PCB board, and interfaces allow the converter to operate 24/7
  • EMC and HDMI tested
  • Blue screen display while signal loss
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