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The Lomo Diana F+ Deluxe Kit from Lomography contains a Diana F+ camera and all her accessory items. The 120 format camera with its various lenses, and filters enable the photographer to let his or her creativity run wild
The Lomo Diana F+ Deluxe Kit from Lomography contains a Diana F+ camera and all her accessory items. The 120 format camera with its various lenses, and filters enable the photographer to let his or her creativity run wild. The kit includes four Diana+ Lenses, 20mm fisheye, 38mm ultra-wide, 55mm wide, and 110mm telephoto, which mount with a twist onto the main lens.

This camera can shoot strait-forward snapshots, unlimited long exposures, and sweeping panoramas. Photographers have the choice of two shutter speeds, two full-frame image sizes and can create multiple and partial exposures, pinhole photos, round fisheye and wide angle compositions. Plus the kit includes the Diana 35mm back, which is fully interchangeable and easily pops on and off your camera. With this accessory installed you can shoot all types (color, slide, b&w) of 35mm film. With the included Diana+ flash low-light situations can create a whole new vista.

The kit contains all you need to get the most out of this fun to use camera...except for film and your creative imagination.
  • Lightweight Plastic Body
  • Uses 120 or 35mm Film
Two Shutter Speeds
Choose between "N" for normal daytime snapshots or "B" for unlimited indoor and nighttime exposures.
Two Image Sizes
You can choose between the 12 full-frame shots 2 x 2" (5.2x5.2cm), or 16 smaller square images - 1.65 x 1.65" (4.2x4.2cm).
Multiple and Partial Exposures
You can advance the Diana+ as much or as little as you like after each shot - making multiple exposures, half-exposed frames, and stretched out crazy-long shots a snap.
Pinhole Function
Remove the lens, set the aperture to a super-small pinhole and shoot a super-wide-angle, severely old-school image through a tiny hole.
Endless Panorama
Use this setting along with the smaller image format 1.65 x 1.65" (4.2 x 4.2) to place sequential frames right next to each other and create a concurrent and unlimited panoramic image.
Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread
Sharp and solid long exposures (especially pinhole images) require a steady camera. To help you out, we've included a standard tripod thread on the bottom of your Diana+ and a small shutter lock that allows you to keep the shutter indefinitely without holding it down.
Diana Flash
The face is cast of the Diana Flash is reflective silver, and it syncs with the Diana F+ via an old-school metal plug connection.
Integrated Color Flash
The Diana F+ includes a small packet of plastic color gel filters. Slip one into your flash and throw a burst of colored light at your subject - day or night!
Long Exposure Flash
By setting the Diana F+ to the long exposure "B" setting, you can let ambient light into your image - thereby superimposing a flashed subject against a beautiful background.
Hot Shoe Adapter
The Diana Flash works via a two-pronged plug adapter (included). It plugs directly into the Diana F+ camera body. On top of that, a Diana Plug-to-Hotshoe adapter is included, which allows you to use the hi-powered and radiantly beautiful Diana Flash on any standard hotshoe camera - like the LC-A+, Fisheye 2, Holga w/ hotshoe and plenty of others!
Interchangeable Lenses
The Diana+ Deluxe Kit comes with a variety of lenses. Merely twist off the basic lens (as if you were going to take a pinhole shot), and instantly mount another lens.
20mm Fisheye Lens
The 20mm Fisheye Lens is an interchangeable plastic Diana+ lens that offers a a 180-degree field of view, and a completely circular image on a square print. This high-quality plastic lens perfectly captures the signature look of Diana+ Super-wide-angle images produced by the Fisheye come with a wonderful bonus: focused sharpness from the front to the rear of your image. Each fisheye image shows massive depth of field, so your subject and background will be crisp images - warm, saturated colors, soft focus, and that special dreamlike feeling. A viewfinder and plastic mounting bracket is included with your Fisheye lens. Slip a viewfinder and plastic mounting bracket onto the Diana+'s top crown, and get a dazzling preview of the 180-degree view in front of your face.
Two Fisheye Formats
Shooting with the 20mm Fisheye on the Diana+'s large 12-shot format results in a perfectly circular image nestled inside a square format. Straight lines move from the center to curve and distort at the images. Try the 16-shot format and let that circle spill right into the square edges. You can shoot a series of partial frames to absolutely cover your film with super-wide-fisheye-distorted content.
38mm Diana+ Super Wide Lens
Roughly equivalent to a 25mm lens on a standard 35mm camera, this classic super-wide perspective is a favorite of street photographers and photojournalists. Close subjects assume an in-your-face urgency (and slightly stretched out noses). City and country-scapes take on a sweeping and grandiose air. It features a 120° view angle, full frame with vignetting and edge distortion. It requires the included dedicated viewfinder.
55mm Diana+ Wide & Closeup Lens
The 55mm Wide lens has a focal length is roughly equivalent to a 34mm lens on a standard 35mm camera. The overall effect is a pleasing wider-than-normal view with that same classic Diana+ vignetting, selective focus, and dazzling color saturation. An accessory viewfinder is included to preview your shots. The Close-Up Lens slides directly onto the 55m Wide Lens, allowing for fast, extreme close-up shots whenever the situation arises. Images have a shallow depth of field: meaning that a tiny bit of foreground is in focus against a soft background.
110mm Diana+ Telephoto Lens
The 110mm Diana+ Lens features "perfect imperfections" of a soft telephoto engineered to produce colorful, soft, slightly blurry, vignetted, snapshots. Zoom into your subject and shoot them from afar. Great for candid shots, street photos, distant mountains, and wild horses. Telephoto images also have a compact perspective meaning that face portraits have unusual features. As the focal length of your lens gets longer, the depth of field becomes more shallow. Shoot on a smaller aperture for a dual-focus effect. A viewfinder plastic mounting bracket is included.
Diana+ Splitzer
The Splitzer is a multiple image accessory (included). Slip it onto the top of your Diana F+ lens and twist the blades with your fingers. All you have to do is keep track of what parts of the image you've shot...or not. By slicing and dicing your photos, you can re-combine them to make something entirely new. Shooting lots of double-exposures in the daytime will wash out your image, but users can shoot a full roll of images - changing the Splitzer's position each time. Later on that day, the following day, next month or year, or whatever - reload the film and shoot it again, varying the Splitzer's position for each shot.
Diana+ 35mm Back
Expressly designed for the Diana+, this 35mm back is fully interchangeable and easily pops on and off your camera. With this accessory installed you can shoot all types (color, slide, b&w) of 35mm film. It has two integrated exposure counters tell you the precise frame you're on, and gives users four different image formats: panoramic wiht sprocket holes, standard panorama, standard landscape, and square with sprocket holes.
2-Year International Warranty
The Diana+ is covered against any manufacturer defects for a full 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid throughout the world.
Format 12 Full-frame shots: 2 x 2" (5.2 x 5.2cm)16 Square images 1.65 x 1.65" (4.2 x 4.2cm)35mm:33 x 48mm, Panoramic with sprocket holes24 x 48mm, Standard panorama24 x 35mm, Standard landscape33 x 34mm, Square with sprocket holes
Lens Mount Auxillary Lenses twist into basic lens
Exposure Multiple Exposure
Dimensions 5 x 3.75 x 3" (12.5 x 9.5 x 7.6cm)
Mirror Lock-Up No
Exposure Compensation No
Custom Function Removable lens for super-wide-angle pinhole shots
Focusing System Fixed Focus
Film Type 120 or 35mm with Diana 35mm Back (included)
Camera Type Plastic Medium Format
Flash Synchronization Yes, Metal plug connection (included)
Film Transport Manual
Exposure Metering No
Exposure Bracketing No
Depth of Field Preview No
Data Imprinting No
film Back/ Loading N/A
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