Magewell USB Capture SDI Gen 2

Product Highlights:
  • Capture/Import SDI Signals to Computers
  • Up to 2048 x 1080 Resolution Support
  • Ideal for Recording / Streaming
  • Connect Broadcast/Surveillance Equipment

USB Capture Utility V3 is a free, portable software tool which gives users extensive control of capture parameters, video processing settings and advanced functions. USB Capture Utility V3 is compatible with Windows/Linux/macOS. It offers functions as:

  • Display of device information for the currently selected USB capture device. For example, device name, serial number, firmware version, interfaces, capture resolution, etc.
  • Checking and updating the firmware to the latest version online.
  • Setting various capture formats, such as de-interlacing mode, Up/down Scaling, frame rate conversion, color adjustment, cropping input, etc.
  • Setting audio volume.
  • Customizing the resolution, frame rate, and color format.
  • Managing multiple devices on one host at the same time.
  • Modifying the device names shown in a third-party software when multiple devices on one host at the same time.
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