MO-ATNS Rain/Dust Cover for Atomos Ninja (Black)

MO-ATNS Rain/Dust Cover for Atomos Ninja (Black)
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The MO-ATNS is a custom-fit rain / dust cover for the Atomos Ninja & Samurai Recorder. The case is constructed of smooth Taslan material with a water-resistant layer of Tricot coating. The back cover expands to accommodate the use of two large-cell batteries. The monitor screen is protected from rain and dust by a clear vinyl window that also allows the operator to use the on-screen controls.

The black Rain/Dust Cover for Atomos Ninja from Porta Brace is a custom fit, well-designed, reliable and water-resistant protective cover. The Taslan polyester material plus a water-resistant tricot coating give this case the protection you need to take on location in marginal weather.

The back cover has a terrific feature that allows it to expand and accommodate two large-sized cell batteries. Your monitor screen is well-protected by a vinyl screen that still allows complete access to the its controls.

This cover is made by Porta Brace - a company renowned for its high-quality manufacturing standards. They make a wide variety of protective gear for all sorts of photo, audio and video equipment and are recognized as a leader is such production.


  • Atomos Ninja
  • Atomos Samurai Recorders
  • Water-resistant covering
  • Full access to monitor screen controls
  • Cable access openings on side with touch fastened closure
  • Back expands to hold two large cell batteries
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Material Taslan - a woven polyester with water-resistant layer of Tricot