PortaBrace Flat Screen Field Monitor Case for TV-Logic VFM-0569 (Black)


Product Highlights:

  • Custom-Fitted / Padded
  • Use on Tripod, Around Neck,Over Shoulder
  • Folding Sun Visor
  • Built-in Rain/Dust Top
  • Slip-Not Base / Won't Slide off Surfaces
  • Shoulder Strap Attaches to Rings

The black Flat Screen Field Monitor Case for TV-Logic VFM-0569 from Porta Brace is a custom-fitted case that can be used in different configurations. Whether your monitor is mounted on a tripod, held around your neck or shoulder use, this flexible case features a folding sun visor and built-in Rain/Dust Top that quickly opens to protect your battery and cables. It also includes a Slip-Not base that protects the monitor from sliding off any smooth surface.

The shoulder strap can be attached to either of two sets of rings. One set is for carrying the monitor over your shoulder while the other is for use around your neck. This flexibility will increase your capability to shoot in a wide variety of venues and under a similar amount of conditions.

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