Mobile Viewpoint Playout 4K4M Playout with up to 4 HD/SD-SDI outputs and up to 6 modems

Playout 4K4M
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Product Highlights:

  • Up to 6 modems for field receiving

  • 4 channels balanced analog audio out (optional)

  • Receives and decodes up to 4 WMT streams or 1 4K stream simultaneously

  • Automatic conrol of video encoding based upon available bandwidth

  • Available with 2 or 4 HD/SD-SDI outputs

Mobile Viewpoint

The WMT playout portfolio makes it possible to receive live SD/HD video from any WMT system using broadband internet networks.

The 19 inch 2U high system possesses two Ethernet connections for video input and output. The WMT decoders connect to the internet with just a single Ethernet connection. When the correct ports are forwarded in the firewall the signals of a WMT will come in and turned into a video signal. This video signal will exit the WMT decoders through a SDI video connection with embedded audio. The systems supports both DHCP and ­fixed IP number confi­guration via the front LCD panel.  

We also offer the following different models:

  • 2K1; Decodes one WMT stream; one HD/SD SDI output  

  • 2K2; Decodes two WMT streams simultaneously; two HD/SD SDI outputs

  • 2K4; Decodes four WMT streams simultaneously

Also available are the Playout 4C1 multicam decoder and Playout 4K1 4K UHD decoder. For our Multicam and 4K encoders special decoders are required. 

Point-to-point & Multipoint setup

The Playout 4K4M consists of two or three decoders, depending on your requirements. It can be configured in a point-to-point setup or with a cloud server. The back-end server option can accommodate the transmission of up to 20 different WMT clients and connect to multiple playouts. 

Key Features

  • Receives and decodes 1- 4 WMT streams depending on type of decoder 

  • Part of the WMT solution and utilizing the SDI playout system as the receiver

  • Automatic control of video encoding bandwidth based upon available bandwidth

  • SD- or HD-SDI video with embedded audio (depending on the transmission coming from the WMT™)

  • Four-channel balanced analog audio out (only single SDI output)

  • IFB or return audio at less than a second delay

  • Up to 6 modems for field receiving 

Manage & control

In combination with the web-based LinkMatrix platform, it is possible to control, manage and administer all WMT devices and connections. The LinkMatrix is multi-destination and makes it possible to publish the same feed on many platforms, including social media and private CDN’s.

Playout 4K4M - Specification

More Information
3.5 mm Jack IFB/Audio return
2 embedded audio channels; optional 8
2x USB
Optional SSD 2.5" sleeve
Choice of inputs:
1x HD-SDI, 1x HDMI, or
2x HD-SDI, 2x HDMI, or
4x HD-SDI, or
1x UHD-SDI, or
4x HD-SDI, 1x UHD, SDI
RECORDING:120 GByte internal, up to 1 TByte using optional sleeve
Simultaneously live streaming and recording in SD and HD
SD: High-quality CBR (Constant Bit Rate) in SD H.264 or H.265 up to 40 Mbit
HD: High quality CBR (Constant Bit Rate) in H.264 or H.265 up to 40 Mbit
INPUTS:SD; full D1
HD; 720p50, 720p60 and 720p59.94, 1080p25, 1080p30 (1080p50,1080p60 optional with special card)
HD; 1080i50, 1080i60 and 1080i59.94
SUPPORTED ENCODING:H 264 high profile MVP codec
H.265 main profile MVP codec
CONNECTIONS:8 Modems, LTE(4G), fallback 3G
Ethernet (optional 2)
Access via ethernet interface
IP MANAGEMENT:10/100/1000 Base-T (combined with second ethernet port)
HARDWARE:Dedicated appliance 12-24 Volt
Weighs approximately 1.7 kg
13.6 cm x 24.5 cm x 5 cm (wxhxd)
OPERATIONS SETTINGS:Live: Adaptive encoding and bitrate change with three options or with a slider (optional), with configurable delay between 0.8-60 seconds
Upload; send contents of a USB stick to an FTP server
Recording: CBR encoding at 30 Mbit on internal or external SSD disk
Satellite + 3G/4G + BGAN: Specific modes to optimize transmission over BGAN and KA band satellite. With Satellite + 3G/4G you can keep the delay at 1.8 seconds using 3G/4G modems for the return channel and IFB.
Standby/Data bonding: In this mode the unit is a true data bonding unit for high-speed uploads and internet access. In other modes data connectivity is available but live video gets prioritized.
PostPro license (optional): In this mode the system records next to a high-res CBR a low-res proxy file which can be used for remote editing and partial retrieve.
INCLUDES:Integrated antenna array
PSU 90-240 Volt AC to 19 Volt DC
AERIALS (OPTIONAL):Dome Antenna; omnidirectional antenna array 3 dBi
INPUTS:1x IFB or input (for audio return to the WMT™) upgradable (using Presonus audio device)
Microphone or line input
Ref input
Ethernet for connection to the internet
Up to 6 modems
IP MANAGEMENT:Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T
HARDWARE:Dedicated appliance 90-240 Volt
Weighs approximately 2.1 kg
2U 19” rackmount
Power consumption average 80 Watt
Redundant power supply on request
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