MX321 S6 MPEG IMX Video Cassette, Small

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Fujifilm MX321 meets the needs of both audio and video professionals, no matter how demanding the application. The MPEG-IMX system uses a digital recording format that supports MPEG-2 compression. MPEG IMX VTRs can also be used to play back other Betacam formats, including Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX and Digital Betacam.


  • Specially-developed magnetic particles and Calendering Technology
  • Unique base film and binder material for stability and durability
  • Specially-designed reel offers superior winding
  • Outstanding long-term storage characteristics


Outstanding image quality and reliability for next-generation MPEG IMX systems

Fujifilm MX321 videocassettes are specifically engineered to maximize the performance potential of the latest MPEG IMX video systems. They are manufactured using state-of-the-art videotape production technologies, and combine outstanding sound and image quality with the high reliability and durability that professional users demand. In addition, their long-term magnetic stability makes them ideal for archival use.

Newly Developed Magnetic Particles and Advanced Calendering Technology Assure High C/N Ratio

Fujifilm MX321 video tape features newly developed ultra-fine, high-output metal magnetic particles for outstanding performance. Extremely uniform in size, the particles are packed to extremely high density to assure high output and low noise for a high C/N ratio at all wavelengths. Performance is further enhanced by exclusive Fujifilm calendering technology that gives the magnetic layer surface a super-smooth finish for optimum head contact.

New Base Film and Binder Material for Superior Transport Stability and Durability

The base film assures smooth, stable tape transport and is exceptionally durable and resistant to deformation. The binder material offers superior adhesion and durability that reduces head clogging and increases reliability under the extreme demands of ENG/EFP fieldwork and video editing.

New Reel Offers Superior Winding

New reel design prevents air from being 'wound in' to the tape by assuring that air is expelled from the reel during high-speed shuttle operation. Tape is wound more evenly as a result, reducing the chance that damage will occur if the cassette is dropped or subjected to sudden impact.

Outstanding Long-Term Storage Characteristics

The ultra-fine magnetic particles are individually coated with an antioxidant to prevent magnetic performance from being degraded during long-term storage. As a result, the C/N ratio stays high for consistent playback performance of archived materials. The error rate also remains low after extended storage because we use exclusive technologies to prevent tape shrinkage and the mistracking that can result from track pattern deformation.

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