OR-70-3D 7.2" Orchid Auto Stereoscopic 3D LCD Monitor

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Fully-Featured 7" ORCHID Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Camera-Top / Field Monitor

Marshall's OR-70-3D is the world's first portable 7-inch 3D production monitor with innovative "glasses free" autostereoscopic technology. This lightweight 3D monitor does not require passive or active glasses and can be used as a camera viewfinder or portable 3D production display. With parallax barrier and lenticular hybrid technology, the OR-70-3D provides superior 3D images with 1600 x 600 screen resolution. For precision 3D calibration, the OR-70-3D provides dual waveform and vectorscope, along with various 3D analysis features such as checkbox, difference, blending, compare, and more. Integrated mux and independent loop-through eliminate the requirement of an additional external converter. Delay compensated horizontal mirror flip supports both channels respectively. Like most portable Marshall monitors, this unit also supports large battery adapters.


  •  High Resolution (1600 x 600)
  •  Multi-Format Support
  •  Dual Real-Time Waveform Monitor
  •  Dual Real-Time Color Vectorscope
  •  Dual Real-Time Image Processing Analysis*
  •  Tally System • 3G-SDI Input with Loop-Through
  •  ClipGuide • Time Code (VITC/LTC)
  •  Red/Blue/Green/Mono Channel
  •  Precision White Balance
  •  Precision Gamma
  •  Gamma Fine Tune
  •  Aspect Setting
  •  Various Markers
  •  Scan Setting
  •  Detachable Protective Screen
  •  Includes Desktop Stand
  •  Optional External Remote Control
  •  Optional External Tally

*PLEASE NOTE: Cameras must be Genlocked for live 3D monitoring.

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Resolution N 1600 x 600