SWIT S-2000 4-LED On-camera Light

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S-2000 on-camera light adopts 4 advanced LEDs at 5600K color temperature, which can last in excess of 100,000 hours and requires no spare filament bulbs.

S-2000 requires only 12W power consumption and equivalent to a 40W halogen bulb. The illuminance is 1100 Lux at 1 meter distance.

S-2000 is equipped with 1 Tungsten 3200K color temperature filter, 1 diffuser and 2 left/right barn doors. You can easily change color temperature from 5600K to 3200K, or diffuse the light.

S-2000 has a dimmer controller on the rear panel, to adjust the light output from 10%-100%. The color temperature will not change during the dimmer controlling.

The S-2000 accepts 10-17V voltage input, with a D-tap end power cable, to get power from D-tap power output sockets, such as batteries, battery plates, or camera handle.

S-2000 can be fixed on camera via cold shoe. The cold shoe connector part can be easily taken down so that you can fix on camera by 1/4” screw head.

S-2000 package goes with a portable bag, you can restore or carry the light out conveniently.

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