SWIT S-2220C 312-LED Bi-color On-camera Light

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S-2220C is a portable on-camera LED light, adopts 312 advanced LEDs, and half of 5600K, half of 3200K color temperature, which can last in excess of 50,000 hours and requires no spare filament bulbs.S-2220C has 156pcs 5600K LEDs and 156pcs 3200K LEDs, and the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable between 3200K and 5600K. 

When only 5600K or only 3200K LEDs light, the S-2220C feeds max 800Lux illuminance at 1 meter distance, for your reference. The power consumption is 19W.You can directly revolve the dimmer knob on the rear panel, to adjust the illuminance. The light output is non-flick, and color temperature will stay constant during dimming. 

S-2220C package provides a diffuser cover, to be attached on the front of LEDs by magnet. 

S-2220C accepts 6-17V wide voltage input, so you can get DC power from V-mount or Gold mount batteries, DV batteries, D-tap output sockets.
You can also directly mount a 7.2V DV battery onto the rear of S-2220C, by the particular battery plate.
Press the power check button on the rear panel of S-2220C, the 4-level LED indicators will display the remaining battery power.

You can power the S-2220C by most popular DV batteries, via the easy interchangeable DV battery plates

If you want a compact battery power solution, you may choose SWIT S-8040 Li-ion battery to instead of the DV plates and DV batteries.The S-8040 is specially used for S-2220C, with 7.2V, 21Wh/3Ah capacity, and can run about 1 hour on S-2220C.The S-8040 has a 4-level power indicators and a pole-tap charging input socket. You can use SWIT portable Pole-tap charger S-3010D to charger S-8040.

The S-2220C package provides a ball head bracket, of both cold shoe and screw installation to the cameras, so that you can adjust the light angle with the ball head. 

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