V-R1041-IMD-TE4U 10.4" HD/SD Rack Mounted Monitor

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4RU Single 10.4" 1024 x 768 Rack Mounted Monitor Set with HD-SDI input and In-Monitor Display features

The Marshall V-R1041-IMD-TE4U is a 10.4" high-resolution LCD monitor featuring Marshall's high-resolution 1024 x 768 LCD screen with 16.7 million colors. Perfect for professional video applications, the V-R1041-IMD-TE4U takes up less space in the studio while requiring less power, making it ideal for high-end video workstations. The in-monitor display functions provide an all-in-one solution consisting of time code readout, tally, audio indicator, and the unique RotoMenu system. The spectrum of features, such as a wide viewing angle, multiple frame marker overlays and high response time, make this product valuable in the most sophisticated production facilities where HD/SD-SDI inputs with active loop-through are required.

All-In-One Solution

The V-R1041-IMD-TE4U Truck Edition 10.4" monitor is a cost-effective "all-in-one" solution for post production houses, broadcasters, and mobile units. This fully-integrated approach eliminates the need for additional or separate Under Monitor Displays and allows UMD information and tallies to be displayed directly within a Marshall flat panel monitor, while saving precious rack space.

A Variety of Features

Among the unit's readily available features are on-screen Video Time Code, three-color "Soft" Tallies, and Audio Presence Indicator. Marshall's IMD displays also feature the RotoMenu feature, which allows fast, direct, and easy menu navigation. Additional features include adjustment settings memory, Pixel-to-Pixel mode, Blue Gun, and direct access for adjustment and selection functions.

Easy Integration

Marshall IMD monitors integrate easily with existing Tally systems and controllers, including Image Video, NVISION, TSL, and MEI (Marshall Electronics) protocols.

Space Saving

This 4RU unit ships ready to rack mount and provides up to 20% more screen when compared to the competition's LCD and CRT models that occupy the same space. This is in addition to the benefits of low weight and power consumption when compared to similar CRT products and separate Under Monitor Display configurations. The V-R1041-IMD-TE4U is a perfect solution for large Video Wall applications and systems.

Long Life Panel

The V-R1041-IMD-TE4U's high quality LCD panel provides years of operation, delivering a service life of 50,000 hours, or over 2,000 (24-hour) days continuously. That's almost 6 years--or 15 years when broken down to 8-hour workdays!

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