V-R261-DLW 26" Dual Link LCD Monitor

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 Marshall Electronics V-R261-DLW 26" Dual Link LCD Monitor-26" Full Resolution Desktop Dual Link / Waveform Monitor with IMD (In-Monitor Display)

A new addition to Marshall's line of IMD (In-Monitor Display) products, the V-R261-DLW 26" Dual Link Monitor is one of the industry's first with 3G capability, featuring two inputs for 3G/HD/SDI and Dual Link, and a DVI input supporting all HDMI modes and DVI to 170MHz. Included among this 1920 x 1200 LCD's feature set are dual-link capability plus a waveform and vectorscope, bumping up its usefulness for live production monitoring and post-production. Its Quad-View mode separates the screen into four quadrants, displaying audio bars, waveform, vectorscope and live video simultaneously, making it at home in both the studio and control room.

In-Monitor Display Functionality

The V-R261-DLW is a cost-effective "all-in-one" solution for post production houses, broadcasters, and mobile units. As part of the IMD (In-Monitor Display) series, the V-R261-DLW is a fully-integrated solution that allows UMD information and tallies to be displayed directly within an LCD flat panel monitor, while saving precious rack space. A variety of features are readily available including on-screen Video Time Code, three-color "Soft" Tallies, and Safety Marker configurations.

Easily Integrated

Marshall's IMD monitors integrate easily with existing tally systems and controllers, while supporting Image Video, NVISION, TSL, and MEI protocols. A perfect solution for large video wall applications and systems, the monitor can also be used as a standalone display with HDSDI loop-through.

Rack Mountable

The LCD can be mounted using several different methods. It can easily be placed on any desktop with an optional desktop stand. For studios and smaller areas, the monitor has mounting brackets for a standard 19" racking system, using 6RU. You can also use the monitor with any standard VESA mounting bracket for connecting to walls or desks.

Marshall's Professional Details

Marshall Electronics builds their LCDs for professional applications and convenient, user friendly operation. In addition to wide viewing angles both horizontally and vertically, Marshall uses advanced techniques to improve image quality when scaling different resolution formats.

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