VZ-EFC-U Electronic Focus Control

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The EFC-U is a programmable electronic focus control that works with the Sony EX-1/EX-3, in addition to Canon, Fujinon and some film lenses. Fundamentally the same as our popular EFC, this unit also adds the clamp-on EX gear adapter, rod-mounting bracket, and film-pitch drive gear. The EFC-U works up to 50 feet away, making it ideal for jib applications.

A top seller for Sony EX1/EX3 owners, this system is the most cost-effective, versatile wired focus drive package on the market, and now it includes a 32DP / 0.8M drive gear. The EFC-U works with Sony EX1 and EX3 cameras, as well as Canon, Fujinon, some film lenses, and DSLR lenses equipped with clamp-on 32DP/0.8M gear rings. The EFC-U attaches to 15mm or 19mm rods and includes our clamp-on gear ring for Sony EX1 or EX3 cameras. The electronic control unit allows you to set different lens ranges and preset up to 4 marks for precise, repeatable focusing. The unit includes a rechargeable battery, 20' of extension cable, 3 drive gears (Canon, Fujinon, "Film"), hand control unit, and lens drive motor w/ adjustable bracket that mounts to 15mm/19mm rods. (Note: EFC-U must be attached to Matte Box Rods, such as our VZ-DVRods).

Recommended accessories - VZ-DVRods and VZ-QRP: Designed to work with the VZ-EFC-U, the VZ-DV Rods system not only provides a mount for the focus bracket, it will allow users to add a mattebox or any other accessory that can be mounted to standard 15mm rods (19mm-15mm step-down adapter rings available for separate purchase). The DV Rods system was designed with functionality in mind, with a broad, flat mounting surface and low profile to prevent top-heaviness. Also recommended for use with the DV Rods is our VZ-QRP quick release plate system for maximum flexibility and adjustment range.

Note: EFC-U Product Requires a Rail System such as the DVRods

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