VZ-ROCK-C Compact Rocker Zoom Controller

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Our most compact, lightweight and affordable control for Canon professional lenses. The pressure-sensitive rocker is complemented by a speed limiter knob. Ideal for use on jibs, stabilizers, or applications where size and weight are critical. Pair with any Canon focus control for savings.

The Varizoom VZ-Rock-C is a zoom controller for 8-Pin compatible Canon lenses. Machined from industrial-strength aluminum, the switch is both lightweight and durable, ensuring hassle free operation regardless of environmental conditions. The VZ-Rock-C's pressure-sensitive side-to-side rocker switch makes it perfect for event coverage such as sporting events, concerts, and weddings.

Pressure Sensitive Rocker Switch

Unlike many camera controllers, the VZ-Rock comes equipped with a pressure sensitive rocker switch. This allows users to vary the rocker's speed, providing smooth, sustainable zoom adjustments

Video Return Function

The video return function lets users to play back the last 5 seconds of recorded material, allowing the tape to cue to the last recorded frame. This ensures no timecode errors, making sure footage is never lost or recorded over

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Material ABS
Size 55 cm