VZ-USPG-EX7-R Focus/Zoom Control Kit

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Zoom and Focus Control Kit and 7" TFT Monitor Kit and DV-Rods for Sony EX1 and EX3 Cameras

The VariZoom VZ-USPG-EX7-R is a focus and zoom control kit comprised of the PG-EX pistol-grip remote zoom control, cable drive focus control, TFT7U on-camera 7" viewfinder kit, and DVRods. The entire system provides a soup-to-nuts zoom/focus control system designed to provide maximum flexibility in the studio or in the field.

PG-EX Remote Pistol-Grip Zoom Controller

The PG-EX is the top of the line pistol-grip zoom control for the Sony PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3 HDV professional video cameras. The dual-variable circuit allows for the finest degree of zoom speed control. The unit will clamp to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar and features precise control of zoom speed. The unit utilizes the finest components and has a beautifully machined aluminum housing.

FCU Cable Driven Focus Controller

The FCU is a cable driven focus control that allows camera operators to manually pull focus on EX-series cameras.

TFT7U On-Camera Viewfinder

The TFT7U is a 16:9 on-camera external viewfinder package consisting of the VZ-TFT7, case, battery kit with AC adapter, swivel shoe mount, and sun hood.

DVRods Mounting System

The DVRods system allows users to mount various accessories onto the camera. Items include focus controls, matteboxes, wireless receivers, external battery systems, as well as any accessory that can be fixed onto its rod-mount brackets. The system has been designed to be modular and maximize versatility. The unit can be used with VariZoom's Zero Gravity head, shoulder support, and remote motion control head.

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