VZCINEMAPRO-K1 CinemaPro "Talon" Master Motion Control Kit

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Cinemapro Kit Includes 50' Control Cable, 30' Pwr Cable, Pwr Supply & Case The Cinema Pro is precision-made yet rugged and becoming the logical and affordable choice for a much broader scope of users than any head on the market. Cost effective not only for big budget motion pictures, but for worship facilities, sports, concerts, newsrooms, military, government, and other film and HD applications.

The VariZoom CinemaPro "Talon" Master Control Kit is a motion head designed to make precise movements with high levels of precision and repeatability. The head is compatible with Maya, Kuper, Alias, as well as many other CG software applications, making it ideal for special effect compositing. Costing nearly 1/3rd of systems with the same capability, the Talon is as practical as it is useful. Additional features include a built in intervalometer, 360° rotating axis, programmable motion settings, a 2500' (762 m) range, and recording of up to 2000 takes.

  • Joystick control for pan, tilt and zoom with a knob control for focus.
  • Record and move to up to 2000 marked positions.
  • Record and playback more than 1 hour in up to 2000 takes.
  • Share recorded data with laptop including streaming and upload/download.
  • Programmable maximum speeds for each motor.
  • Precise homing via operator command.
  • Up to 2500' (762 m) between controller and head.
  • Programmable motion limits.
  • Servo tuning from remote console.
  • Fujinon, Canon and Preston serial and analog lens control.
  • Camera synchronization.
  • Intervalometer operation; stretch any move in time.
  • Extremely rigid with precise smooth motion for long lenses.
  • Full slip-rings for continuous 360° motion.
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