VZCS1LK-DUAL System Remote Control Station

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The CS1LK Dual system is a complete remote multi-camera control station that combines the MC100 pan/tilt heads, VZ-Rock zoom/focus/record control, 7” 16:9 viewing monitors, and CS1 station frame. Includes VZ-CS-1; VZ-MC100 with Extra Head, 2- VZ-TFT7 monitors, and the VZ-Rock

The Varizoom VZ-CS1LK is a package designed for assisting the control of multiple cameras at once. The kit contains two pan/tilt heads, the VZ-Rock zoom/focus/record controller, two 7" field viewing monitors, and a CS1 station frame. The package provides a total solution for event videography including weddings, concerts and sporting events.

  • VZ-MC100 Pan and Tilt Control System

The VZ-MC100 Pan and Tilt control system for all camcorders up to 20 lbs. VariZoom has created a brand new lightweight and extremely portable remote head, weighing only 8 lb. The VZ-MC series pan and tilt heads allow for remarkably fast set-ups.

  • VZ-Rock

The Varizoom VZ-Rock is a LANC camera controller featuring all the same functions as Varizoom's ever-popular Stealth-LX series controller, with some enhancements such as a pressure-sensitive side-to-side rocker switch. Broadcast level adjustment capability makes the Rock perfect for event coverage such as sporting events, concerts, and weddings. Additional features include a power on/off toggle for "standby" mode, LED indicator, and edit-search.

  • VZ-TFT-Z

The VZ-TFT-7 monitor serves two valuable purposes for the serious videographer. First, it functions as an external video display, allowing the shooter to step back from the camera while recording (no more bending over to peek through a tiny viewfinder). Combined with a tripod-mounted camera and a VariZoom lens controller, the VZ-TFT-7 emulates a 16:9 studio-style rig costing thousands of dollars.

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