VZCS1LK Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Kit

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The CS1LK is a complete remote camera control station that combines the MC100 pan/tilt head, VZ-ProL zoom/focus/record control, 7” 16:9 viewing monitor, and CS1 station frame. Includes VZ-CS-1; VZ-MC100, VZ-TFT7 monitor, and the VZ-Pro-L

The Varizoom VZ-CS1LK is a pan/tilt system that is comes equipped with the VZ-Pro-L zoom and focus controller. This kit is perfect for DV cameras up to 20 lb and comes with the VZ-TFT LCD monitor for convenient viewing.

  • VZ-CS1

The VZ-CS1 is a rigid, lightweight tabletop frame, designed to compliment the Varizoom pan/tilt control system. The control modules easily attach to the VZ-CS1 frame to allow for convenient control. The Varizoom monitor easily mounts to the top bar of the frame, and can be tilted up or down for the operator's comfort.

  • VZ-MC100

The VZ-MC100 is a pan/tilt control system for all camcorders up to 20 lbs. VariZoom has created a lightweight and extremely portable remote head, weighing only 8 lb. The VZ-MC100 tilt heads allow for remarkably fast set-ups.

  • VZ-TFT 5.6" LCD

The VZ-TFT is a high quality 5.6" LCD monitor. The fast refresh response of the VZ-TFT prevents streaking of the video image. Ideal for camcorder mounting, desktop viewing or anywhere a compact, high quality monitor is needed.

  • VZ Pro-L

Using proprietary (TAL) technology, Varizoom has created a lens remote control system for DV camcorders. A true variable speed and manual focus remote control; the VZ-PRO/L utilizes the Control L (LANC) remote connector to control almost any DV camcorder including the Canon XL-1, Sony VX-1000 and the DSR-200A.

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