VZSNAPCRANE16-100 Snapcrane Kit

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Snapcrane kit includes VZ-SnapCrane16, VZ-TCR100 Tripod, VZ-DCR100 Dolly, & MC100. The SnapCrane has modular lightweight construction, stainless quick-release pins with lanyards, locking dovetail joints, and superior craftsmanship - read below for more detail

The VariZoom SnapCrane VZ-SNAPCRANE16-100 Ultimate kit is the extended configuration in the SnapCrane camera crane series with Pan & Tilt. It offers 16'6" vertical extension and comes with a MC100, tripod, dolly and case.

  • Crane

The SnapCrane is a compact, modular crane design. It offers various configurations for specific applications.

  • All Four Set-Ups

This configuration allows the user to set-up in all four configurations.

  • Tripod

Utilizing specialty heavy-gauge tubing for the single-section legs and a solid baseplate machined from a block over 2.5" thick, the TC-100 is built to extreme standards of rigidity and durability. The stainless steel leveling feet offer up to 3" of adjustment, while the padded carrying case makes transport comfortable and safe.

  • Dolly

Accommodating heavy or light tripods with mid level spreaders, this platform is ideal for moving large setups over flat ground. Locking wheels keep your tripod immobile during the shoot. When you are finished filming, this dolly folds down into a compact size for easy transportation to your next location.

  • MC100

The VZ-MC100 Pan and Tilt control system for all camcorders up to 20 lbs. VariZoom has created a brand new lightweight and extremely portable remote head, weighing only 8 lbs. The VZ-MC series pan and tilt heads allow for remarkably fast set-ups.

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