VZSNAPCRANE9 SnapCrane9 9' Crane & Pan/Tilt System

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9foot crane Film & Video Crane incl. VZ-TCR100 Tripod & VZ-DCR100 Dolly. The SnapCrane has modular lightweight construction, stainless quick-release pins with lanyards, locking dovetail joints, and superior craftsmanship - read below for more detail.

The Varizoom SnapCrane9 is a 9 ft (2.74m) crane and pan/tilt system that combines portability with professional functionality and design. This turnkey package includes everything you need to get your camera airborne, while the system's modular design provides the option of up to four different-length setups for a variety of shooting situations and needs.

Note! Optional MC100 pan/tilt head limited to 30 lbs; MC50 limited to 12-15 lbs max. Pan/tilt heads purchased separately.

  • Micro-Adjust Counterweight

Custom stainless steel counterweight mechanism has over 20" of sliding adjustment for rapid fine-tuning of counterbalance, improving precision and eliminating the tedium of adding and removing smaller plates. (This is a significant feature upgrade over the QuickJib)

  • Tilting Camera Platform

Our lightweight machined camera platform connects to the end of the crane with deluxe quick-release pins that insert through sealed radial ball bearings, resulting in silent, smooth motion. The camera platform also has a built-in spirit level for quick reference and adjustment.

  • Jib Arm / Crane Body

Crane sections made from stiff, lightweight tubing are precision machined and powder coated before assembly and quality inspection. The upper extension section has a truss pattern cut into the sidewalls to retain strength while minimizing weight and reducing air resistance in light breezes (caution: never use a camera crane in windy conditions). The heavily reinforced, cable-tensioned design of the SnapCrane allows it to reach farther and higher without any sacrifice in stability or performance.

  • Case and Sleeves

Each arm section stores in its own padded nylon protective sleeve that slides snugly into the heavy-duty, lightweight standard soft case, or the optional ultra-duty rolling hard case, protecting the SnapCrane's finish and creating a tight fit within either rugged case for secure transport, ensuring a long service life.

  • Pan/Tilt Base & Brake System

Our ultra-smooth, high-capacity pan/tilt base is built to exacting standards with oversize fasteners, sealed bearings, and beefy construction for a remarkably stable fulcrum point. Superior design, proud craftsmanship, and the finest components set this pan/tilt base apart from those used in other crane systems (it's also a significant upgrade over the QuickJib's). Our brake system utilizes a heavy-duty plate on the crane pivot section and a variable drag mechanism built into the right stator of the pan/tilt base. This system was designed to add significant variable drag and hold any position, but it's forgiving enough to slide under extreme force that could otherwise topple a jib with a locking-brake system.

  • Machined Dovetail Joints

Dovetail joint assembly allows for quick, extremely secure no-tools connection with redundant safety locks. A hefty stainless steel latch (w/internal safety catch) clamps the joint from above while a secondary thumbscrew assures a tight and secure fit from below.

  • Deluxe Quick-Release Pins

Locking stainless aircraft pins of the highest quality and strength are used at the pivot points, and they are attached by lanyard to prevent them from ever being lost. These button-release, t-handle pins are simply the best available, and they represent an upgrade over those used on the QuickJib.

  • Cables and Couplings

Our modular cable system boosts crane stability and rigidity while keeping overall weight down by allowing us to use a single line of compact, lightweight tubing for the main arm. The superior-quality cable tensioning system keeps the SnapCrane taut, rock solid, and easy to control. The smooth-coated, corrosion-resistant cables are easy to handle and will last a lifetime. Marine-grade stainless steel hardware is used exclusively throughout the SnapCrane, ensuring long-term field reliability.

  • Crane Case

The SnapCrane comes standard with VariZoom's new lightweight, heavy-duty Soft Case (hard case optional). This case has three reinforced handles (middle and both ends) along with a hefty shoulder strap, thick padding, and rubber feet. It can be used for other jibs, as well. Also available for purchase is the optional rolling hard case, for the ultimate in protected transport.

  • DCR100 Dolly

Our heavy-duty dolly has an ample spread, rugged solid-rubber wheels, foot brakes, and a positive leg-locking system that securely captures our TCR100 crane tripod. Includes padded carrying case.

  • TCR100 Crane Tripod

Our custom TCR100 is the only tripod we recommend for use with any crane, no matter the brand. We recommend you never use a telescoping or collapsible tripod under a crane, no matter how small. When supporting an expensive camera on a jib elevated above other valuable equipment or people, it is simply a no-brainer to eliminate all risk and use a single-section tripod instead of a telescoping type. The TCR100 was designed with safety and strength in mind, combining a solid machined baseplate (not molded), specialty heavy-gauge tubing, and oversized leveling feet for an ultra-stable design that will never falter or fail. With anodized aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and solid brass bushings, the TCR100 will last a lifetime.

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