VZTOC-FI2 Focus Controller

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Control focus and iris with absolute precision on virtually any lens with our new touchscreen wireless lens drive system. All parameters adjust quickly with our clean, logical GUI and our powerful motor system auto-calibrates for hassle-free setup. This 2-channel package easily upgrades to a 3-channel system, and it can be connected by cable for hostile RFI environments.

The FI2 (Focus/Iris 2-channel) system brings cinema grade lens control into the realm of the affordable-to-own. This powerful, intuitive system will pay for itself quickly and expand the capabilities of your productions. Although the price is relatively low, no corners were cut in the manufacture and design of the system. Expensive motor cores are painstakingly assembled into our zero backlash proprietary drive system, resulting in a smooth, quiet, highly dynamic operational range that will creep or blast off with equal grace. The compact receiver/motor driver is, on the surface, a no-frills black box, but deep down it's the transparent heart of the system, as it must execute all motor commands with unerring precision and authority.

The highly intuitive touchscreen-controlled hand unit is loaded with features that make it easy to use and powerful in operation. The custom machined fluid-drag focus knob is incredibly robust but delicate in action. A defeatable LED backlight ensures you'll always be able to hit the marks regardless of lighting, while the parametric software allows great flexibility in setting the range and sensitivity of the knob response. The iris slider also includes a defeatable LED backlight and parametric software.

The entire system fits into a compact, waterproof hard case that will take just about anything you can throw at it, while our 2-year warranty and exceptional customer support offer peace of mind.


  • Customer must specify receiver power cable (XLR, D-tap, etc.)
  • 1 cable included w/ system at no charge
  • Adjustable Touchscreen for setting of all parameters
  • 2 lens drive motors
  • 3-channel capable receiver/motor-driver
  • Redundant backup pushbuttons for operating GUI
  • Defeatable LED backlighting for focus marker ring and iris marker strip
  • Wireless OR Wired operation up to 1000'-Signal strength LED indicators for wireless
  • Signal strength LED indicators for wireless
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Size 55 cm