1. How to Extend an Ultra HD or 4K HDMI Signal

    How to Extend an Ultra HD or 4K HDMI Signal

    HDMI is a standard signal that is being used in a plethora of consumer goods. HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is a proprietary standard meant to send signals coming from a source, such as a camera, Blu-ray player, or gaming console, to a destination, such as a monitor. It directly replaces older analog standards such as composite and S-Video. HDMI was first introduced to the consumer market in 2004. Over the years, there have been multiple newer versions of HDMI, all using the same connector. Currently, the latest version is 2.1, compatible with 4K and 8K resolutions and bandwidths up to 42,6 Gbit/s.

    HDMI has initially been intended as a consumer standard, while SDI was designated

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  2. Ditch the Printed Script with Datavideo Teleprompters

    Ditch the Printed Script with Datavideo Teleprompters

    Datavideo is well known for their budget friendly line of teleprompters in various different shapes and sizes. For each camera type they manufacture a teleprompter. The central part of the teleprompter is an app running on a tablet called dvPrompter Plus. All teleprompters from Datavideo can be controlled using an optional wireless remote controller and can be stored in optional hard cases.

    Datavideo’s TP-300 is the most sold teleprompter. This will fit any regular camcorder or slightly larger block camera. The ingeniously constructed prompter is easy to assemble and to install. With various riser plates you will make sure that the lens is directly in the center of the two-way mirror. This mirror reflects the script that is running (mirrored) on the tablet. This way you can

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  3. Datavideo Unveils HDR-80 & HDR-90 ProRes 4K Recorders

    Datavideo Unveils HDR-80 & HDR-90 ProRes 4K Recorders

    Datavideo has introduced its first series of 4K ProRes recorders. The HDR-80 and HDR-90 are identical recorders in two different form factors. Datavideo brings professional ProRes recording and other professional features to a cost-effective price level.

    The HDR-80 (Desktop) HDR-90 (Rackmount) 4K recorders use a 10-bit ProRes 422 compressed codec for recording UHD 4K videos. Apple ProRes, a codec technology developed for high-quality, high-performance editing in Final Cut Pro X, is one of the most popular codecs in professional post-production. The HDR-80/90 recorders are equipped with one HDMI 2.0 input,

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  4. Datavideo Introduces Easy-To-Use Professional Chromakeyer Bundle

    Datavideo Introduces Easy-To-Use Professional Chromakeyer Bundle

    Datavideo has introduced their latest UltraHD live chromakeyer, the DVK-400. This professional chromakeyer is very easy to use, contains many broadcast specific features such as a holdout mask and post processing of the keyed result and supports control over the Datavideo Touch Screen Interface. DVK-400 features industry standard connections such as up to 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 and will fit in every workflow. 

    Datavideo’s latest marvel is centered around a user-friendly workflow. “The people most often operate units like this want the best results without having to work a shoddy UI”, says Johan Lieffers, Managing Director for Datavideo Technologies Europe BV. “That’s why the DVK-400 is so user friendly. Stunning

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  5. Datavideo OBV-3200 Mobile Video Studio for Outdoor Broadcasting is Available

    Datavideo OBV-3200 Mobile Video Studio for Outdoor Broadcasting is Available

    Datavideo OBV-3200 HD 12-Channel Mobile Video Studio is an innovative mobile production solution for the outdoor broadcast van. The OBV-3200 supports all functions of video switching, monitoring, audio, video recording & streaming, and an 8-channel intercom system integrates all the broadcast features in one system. The OBV-3200 is a mobile system that integrates in a van and is perfectly designed for the media workers who are on the move.

    The features of the OBV-3200 Mobile Video Studio are as follows:

    SE-3200 HD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

    The SE-3200 is Datavideo's flagship switcher. The switcher supports Full HD video with up to

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  6. Datavideo Unveils PTC-280 4K PTZ Camera

    Datavideo Unveils PTC-280 4K PTZ Camera
    4K video applications have become more and more popular. To fulfill the pursuits of high-quality images of professional video producers, Datavideo has introduced the brand new 4K PTZ camera, PTC-280.
    The Datavideo PTC-280 4K PTZ camera applies the 1 / 2.5-inch CMOS sensor with 3840 x 2160px Ultra HD resolution and a frame rate of 60fps. Compare to the other Full HD camera, the PTC-280 features a larger sensor and better image quality. With 12x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom, a wide F1.8 aperture, and advanced 2D/3D noise reduction, Datavideo PTC-280 can provide clear and vivid images for the videographers even in low-light condition.
    The PTC-280
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  7. Datavideo Presents The New RMC-300A

    Datavideo Presents The New RMC-300A
    Datavideo is pleased to introduce a breakthrough multifunctional camera controller called the RMC-300A. It is able to control up to 24 PTZ and block cameras by Ethernet or 8 cameras by RS-422 Serial. It supports a total of up to 24 cameras using a combination of IP and RS-422 (max 8). The RMC-300A can control Datavideo PTZ cameras, robotic PTZ heads and switchers up to 12 channels via serial RS-422 or IP.
    A user friendly GUI combined with a 5" touch panel control and tactile control buttons and knobs enable operators to quickly manage multiple cameras for larger productions. Setting up camera presets is now easier than ever with the RMC-300A.
    “My favorite part of the RMC-300A is the built-in touch screen panel that allows
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  8. Datavideo Launches Upgraded Remote Camera Head

    Datavideo Launches Upgraded Remote Camera Head
    Datavideo launches a complete revised version of their remote camera head. This camera head, PTR-10, works by mounting any regular camcorder or block camera. This converts the stationary camera to a full feature pan/tilt/zoom camera, granting you the image quality of high-end larger optics and sensor and no need to replace your existing cameras. PTR-10(T) has support for various cameras from large camera manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, JVC and Panasonic.
    PTR-10 will become available in two versions; a regular version operated on mains power, or the PTR-10T which is powered by HDBaseT. This means that you can have a complete three camera streaming production station that’s connected with a single wire per camera. That will significantly reduce your setup and breakdown time.
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  9. Datavideo Announces an Updated version of the best-selling HDBaseT portable switcher

    Datavideo Announces an Updated version of the best-selling HDBaseT portable switcher

    Datavideo today announced the HS-1600T Mark II, an updated version of the HS-1600T. The HS-1600T Mark II has all the great features that the previous version has with addition of a dual streaming encoder and an ability to streaming in vertical (9:16) format. The HS-1600T Mark II also features joystick, knob, and preset buttons for controlling pan, tilt, zoom of up to three PTZ cameras, and built-in 17.3” monitor for Multiview, making it a true all-in-one video switching solution.

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  10. Introducing dvCloud, streaming made easy

    Introducing dvCloud, streaming made easy

    We are pleased to announce that Datavideo is introducing dvCloud, a streaming service, which allows users to stream live events to multiple platforms simultaneously in a simple and cost-effective way. Datavideo provides end-to-end live video production solutions that include PTZ cameras, video switchers, encoders, comm systems, monitors, recorders and now cloud streaming services.

    dvCloud was developed out of the growing demand for cloud streaming services. Churches, schools, corporations, and government entities are all using live video to expand audience reach, stream simultaneously to multiple social media platforms, and view/monitor multiple streams in the cloud.

    The monthly subscription-based pricing enables users to choose their level of service based on their streaming needs. dvCloud starts at $49/month for 70 hours of streaming providing users to stream a single channel up to five platforms simultaneously.

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